[FILM REVIEW] The World’s End

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 10:00am by Joshua Lawrence


Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost started their Cornetto trilogy with Shaun of the Dead (Red Strawberry – for blood and zombies), which was a brilliant film, and you’d be hard pressed to find a Brit that didn’t like it. Next came Hot Fuzz (Blue Original – For police with white and blue uniform), which, while also a great film, didn’t quite stand up to the hype that followed Shaun of the Dead. So, The World’s End (Green Mint – Aliens and Sci-Fi) ends the trilogy, and oh boy what an ending it is!

The film starts with a flashback of how life was at the end of school, a group of lads going to defeat the legend of the golden mile, but as with most last day of school outings it gets messy all too quickly and they fail in their quest, but have a brilliant time all the same.

The premise of the story is simple: everyone has left their hometown and they all decide to return for one last attempt at the golden mile, a challenge where they have to drink a pint in the 12 pubs of New Haven. However, when they get there they realise that New Haven has been taken over by aliens, and as usual it’s up to them to survive for themselves and possibly save the day.

With Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, we saw Nick Frost playing the goofy comical character with Pegg representing the slightly more serious side of the duo, however a role reversal is more then blatant. Pegg plays alcoholic Gary ‘The King’ King, with Frost playing the polar opposite T Total Andrew Knightley. The Duo arejoined by five other friends played by Martin Freeman (Bilbo, The Hobbit), Eddie Marsan (Inspector Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes) and Paddy Considine (Andy, the Andy’s, Hot Fuzz); all of contribute to create a brilliant group, which are laugh a minute. The cast is furthered still by names such as Pierce Brosnan, Rosamund Pike and David Bradley, all of whom add to the story and certainly aren’t just shoe horned in for comedic effect. Through the relationships between these characters the story deals with growing up, holding onto youth as well as just being good friends, much like the other two films in the trilogy, and the comedy makes it all light hearted and not self serious like it could have potentially ended up being.


The pace of the film is brilliant with no real lull in the comedy. This comes from the fact that each pub is one and done, on to the next. Matching that with the superb timing of Pegg and Frost along with the direction of Edgar Wright and you can clearly see you have a recipe for success. The crew know exactly what’s wanted from them and they are all more then willing to comply.

The special effects in this film are superb as well. It makes sense to make this film last, as it surely could secure a larger budget meaning it wouldn’t have a poor excuse for CGI, and they do not disappoint. The aliens in the film are brilliantly done, being not too over the top, and feeling incredibly realistic. This, of course, is helped by the human form the aliens take, which means that there is less green-screening and staring at blue balls on sticks, which can often ruin the immersion of many a film.

World's End

Giving us more of what we love from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this film is not only a must for any fan of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, but a must for anyone who just loves a laugh. It’s not overly crude like many films of this day and age, and simply takes advantage of a great story, great lines delivered well and some slap stick thrown in for good measure.

With The World’s End, the boys have pulled it out the bag once again, this time with a film as good if not better then Shaun of the Dead, truly providing a fitting end to the Cornetto Trilogy.

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